• The frightening future of the Black Sea Region

    The frightening future of the Black Sea Region

    After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Black Sea Region has been a major point of influence in an informational/propagandous war between the West and the East. It has had pretty much no rest, due to its vital geolocational importance of reaching both the East and the West. A wall that pretty much divided…

  • Colombia elects leader Gustavo Petro (Opinion)

    Colombia elects leader Gustavo Petro (Opinion)

    Opinion piece by: Julian Ochoa In a historic election result, Colombia turns left by choosing Gustavo Petro as president and feminist Afro-Colombian Francia Marquez. On May 29th Gustavo Petro and his party’s historical pact (Pacto Historico) won enough votes to reach the second round to contend for the presidency. What was not expected was that…

  • Colombia on Edge (2022 Elections)

    Colombia on Edge (2022 Elections)

    By Julian Ochoa Today millions of Colombians go out to vote for their next president. These elections have been the most controversial in the country`s most recent history. For the first time in 30 years, Colombia has a left-wing candidate, Gustavo Petro, running against a first-time independent and controversial businessman Rodolfo Hernandez. The general elections…

  • The unclear story of the I.R.A

    The unclear story of the I.R.A

    After most of Ireland got independence around 1919 to 1921, Northern Ireland was the only part to remain under British rule. This led to dissatisfaction within Northern Ireland, leading to increased tension in the Irish Republican Army, which opposed the British Empire. The original purpose of the I.R.A, (aka, Irish Republican Army), was mainly to…

  • What’s happening to Ukraine?

    What’s happening to Ukraine?

    “The American continents, by the free and independent condition which they have assumed and maintain, are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers”, President James Monroe had declared in 1823. (1) Almost 200 years have passed and now the whole Western hemisphere is in the hands and influence…

  • USSR’s and CIA’s interest towards Parapsychology

    USSR’s and CIA’s interest towards Parapsychology

    Since the 1920s, both Russian and American Intelligence were deeply interested in understanding how memory and the Human mind worked. For them, the science involving the biological and the psychic aspects of Humanity showed promising methods for espionage. During the 20s up until the 90s, Russian, American, and Czechoslovakian research into possible mind/behavior control techniques…

  • The never ending war in Afghanistan

    The never ending war in Afghanistan

    By Bruna C. Pereira:(First published in London Institute of Peace Research) Afghanistan, a country in the midst of three world-leading countries that have fought recklessly, and exploited millions of innocents with the aim to achieve global dominion, power, and control. Britain, Russia, and lastly Britain’s upbringing known as, the United States of America. A war where…

  • The past of Monsanto and Bayer

    The past of Monsanto and Bayer

    By Bruna C. Pereira: We all have at least seen one of their products, heard one of the conspiracies against them, used their products, or seen their logo somewhere, but who and what are the intentions of these companies? From shady participation with the U.S Government and the U.S intelligence experiments to the founding of…

  • Intelligence Services: Bio and Psychological warfare

    Intelligence Services: Bio and Psychological warfare

    By Bruna C. Pereira: The given information was obtained by sources such as; CIA/NSA documents that were declassified by the law under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. § 552). See more in References. From Biological/chemical Warfare, Hypnopedia, Sonic noise to Electromagnetic fields. Find out what happened between the U.S Intelligence and Soviet Intelligence…

  • Colombia In Turbulent Times

    Colombia In Turbulent Times

    By Julian Ochoa: Since April 28th the world has witnessed the Colombian National Strike in real-time, we have seen first-hand the traditional approach the Colombian government has always taken on its population, the only difference this time is that many of its crimes against the population have been recorded and shared in social networks for…

  • “The Forgotten” within the COCOA Industry

    “The Forgotten” within the COCOA Industry

    Chocolate, the favorite stress reliever and joyful treat for both adults and children around many countries. With Easter coming around the corner, here’s something we should remember. While we all know that things such as Child Labour does occur, we fail to realize just how bad they truly are. In fact, we cannot even imagine…

  • What exactly is a “Conspiracy”?

    What exactly is a “Conspiracy”?

    By Bruna C. Pereira: Throughout the years, more and more conspiracies have emerged. Some have their foundations from actual problems occurring in our world, others are based out of a ridiculed fear, some are meant to give the reader comfort of being “guilt-free”, while many have their essence from past or current propaganda. In the…