By Bruna C. Pereira:

The given information was obtained by sources such as; CIA/NSA documents that were declassified by the law under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. § 552). See more in References.

From Biological/chemical Warfare, Hypnopedia, Sonic noise to Electromagnetic fields. Find out what happened between the U.S Intelligence and Soviet Intelligence and how these occurrences, have little to no attention from the common public. A fight and thirst over who owns, knows, sells, wins better. From Projects known as Bluebird, Midnight Climax, MHCHAOS, MKULTRA, Artichoke, Often, StarGate, and many more. A silent World War that has been going on since World War Two.

Considering that this topic has a lot of sections to it, I decided to write part by part. Which will remind us, of the threat, and consequences such weapons and methods carry against Human Rights. Even though it has been commonly portrayed for the purpose of “national security” and the benefit of “Propaganda” at that time.

You will be reading about, how the American Government and the Soviet Union had Operations means of not only spying on one another but also spying and experimenting on others and on their own people. Since the 1920s Soviets, Germans, Americans, and pretty much every other powerful government or regime, invested in creating a no-traceable weapon. A Weapon no person could identify it as a weapon, but also weapons that if caught wouldn’t reveal who or where it derived from. One of those military weapons was what the CIA called in one of its documents, the “Super Spy”, where unwitting Americans and foreigners were tricked to participate in classified experiments, with no knowledge of it being for the intent of Psyche/Biological manipulation “research”.

When Governments Experiment on their own People

In the late 1950s, the rumor of the Soviets doing inhumane experiments, using electromagnetic weapons, use of bioweapon/chemical warfare, and spying on the American government was growing. While it came out to be true, Americans too, did the same. In this case, it isn’t really clear if this truly was just a matter of National security, since a good amount of Experiments were conducted on uninformed Americans. (1) According to several documents declassified by the CIA, in their reading room, the purpose of the different studies and classified information was to picture if the soviet mind manipulation techniques, could be used against US Personnel. Noting how these techniques could also be used against the common public, as a tool of mass propaganda, influencing the opinion and perception of individuals. (2)

Suddenly what began with the purpose of national security, became a thirst to win and to exploit.

In the 80s a series of independent reports and news reports mentioned how the government, in America and foreign countries were becoming a possible threat to Human Rights. Walter Bowart, author and founder of the East Village Other newspaper, committed to researching how Mind Control weapons were being tested and used on unwitting citizens, came to the conclusion that it could be used as a possible Invisible Third world war weapon. Bowart further claimed that the old methods and weaponry of war, involving Missiles, soldiers, and guns were becoming a huge threat to the declaration of a nuclear war. Raising the interest in creating a silent war, as the best solution to avoid this probability. (3)

By the end of World war two, many countries elaborated tremendous interest and funding for silent weaponry research. Governments started developing a number of insidious methods of subduing enemy populations without them ever knowing from where or who the attacks derived from. Methods that would also take a while to acknowledge them as attacks or threats.

Not only have these weapons been developed without the knowledge of the intended victim, but worse, whether for robbery or a murder, they wouldn’t be able to be detected.

The 1950s and 60s

germ warfare
Newspaper reports on the Germ Warfare

The following statements were admitted by the US Army in 1975.

According to the Army, about 239 Germ warfare experiments were conducted on American citizens and foreign citizens, by the U.S Government. A secret CIA-Army team infected thousands of Americans with “harmless” germs from 1949 to 1969. Equipped with protective gear, these agents targeted civilians in Hawaii, Alaska, New York, Florida and California with experimental biological weapons. (4)

In 1950 a secret biological warfare, known as operation Lac or Operation Sea-spray, (5) was launched from a Navy Vessel blanketing San Francisco Bay. Where the Government injected thousands of unsuspecting Americans with germs such as syphilis, Serratia marcescens, and Bacillus ( similarities to Bacillus anthracis, a causing agent of anthrax) (6) Only after thirty years, did the public become aware of the experiment that had taken place. This caused thousands of individuals to present angry lawsuits against the government. (7)

This particular experiment was said to be a test of the susceptibility of a big city like San Francisco, to a bioweapon attack by terrorists. (7) Similar incidents have occurred in Britain, Japan, China, and the Soviet Union.

Clearly, this experiment itself, while forgotten, was a form of a terrorist attack against the American people. An act similar to that of a dictator country is done by a democratic country. There is no justified national security reasoning when the people targeted, were the same people they swore to protect and represent. Not only this but imagine the consequences these experiments would have caused if they had gone terribly wrong.

The Korean Germ Warfare

US Planes spraying Insects

In 1952 very strange phenomenon was occurring in Korea and China, that led to allegations that they had been attacked with bacteriological Warfare. (8) Until this very day, it is unknown whether these claims are the “cover-up of the US” or the product of “Communist Propaganda”. After the rumors and the heat of fear began to fade, this issue was forgotten and never truly reinvestigated again. This was so, at least, for the Americans.

According to the International Scientific Commission (ISC), The First Report of the Korean Medical service dealt with the events of January and February of 1952. The report stated the results of an examination, done by the International Democratic Lawyers Commission (Korea), which claimed that there were strange occurrences happening in Korea. The International Scientific Commission (ISC) document, further states that the only big issue related to this matter is that, Germ Warfare attacks are difficult to prove.

The Researchers identified unusual species of insects after the passage of American planes. They included species of flies, mosquitoes, midges, spiders, and strange fowl feathers appearing everywhere. Many insects and feathers demonstrated the presence of the pathogenic organism causing anthrax. This extraordinary phenomenon led the Commission to assert that it really might have been delivered by US Planes. Fatal Human cases of respiratory anthrax were later detected. (9)

Since May 1952 fatal cases of Cholera, including the assertion that the US Army attempted to contaminate their water with Cholera, were emerging. They described a Woman who while she was picking herbs, noticed a plane circling around. Later that day she came across a straw package containing some kind of clam. The Woman apparently cooked a meal for her and her husband with the clam. On the same day, it is stated that both fell ill and died in the evening. Medical evidence was said to have shown that the cause of death was Cholera. (10)

Different Korean war soldiers have given testimonies claiming that they saw, U.S Planes spraying insects and dropping mysterious non-exploding packages. (11)

Later on April 2, 1952, a villager of Kang-Sou, Pak Yun-Ho, fell ill with the symptoms of headache and chills. The patient was isolated in an individual lodge on April 3rd. The Family of the individual was disinfected and all the houses in the village were also disinfected. The villager died on April 4th of 1952. According to neighbor villagers, they claimed to have seen occasional American Planes passing by daily, one of the planes was said to have circulated around the air between March 24th and 25th. Fleas were also found in water wells, dead, and said to be infected with Bubonic plague. (12)


The file (764 pages long) contains a lot of detailed information, for those interested in reading everything click here.

ISC members

During the following accusations against the American Government, the Office of Criminal Investigation (OCI), wrote for the U.S Intelligence a letter stating that these absurd accusations were the product of Communist Propaganda. The Letter, focusing on the 50s, alleges that on February 23rd, the North Korean Foreign Minister, claimed that the United Nations forces were using bacteriological warfare in Korea. The statement was also supported by Chinese Premier, Chou En-Lai. (13)

In the letter, they wrote that according to communists, “American planes reportedly dropped various insects carrying germs of such diseases like Bubonic Plague and Cholera on many provinces of North Korea.” (12)

Regulations were made in the affected areas, to be careful with uncooked meals and water, “the enemy had dropped bacteria”. (14)

The London Daily Worker also accused the US-3rd Division of placing bacteria-laden insects in artillery shells that were fired close to the British Commonwealth Division. (12)

Paris, Ce Soir correspondent too, stated that “not only may faulty UN pilots drop these germs over their own troops, but that 400 UN POWs (prisoners of war), will have to take their chances along with the rest of the Korean population.” (15)


In the UN on October 26th, (Year of date not visible), Soviet delegate Malik asserted that the US had blocked an impartial investigation. Radio Peiping replying to Malik’s UN speech, reinforced that, “the desperate and clumsy US propaganda effort in the UN to whitewash its germ warfare, simply proves that the US intended to use germ warfare as a means of dominating the world.” (16)

What the truth actually is, we can’t know for sure, unless, someone reopens the investigation. What we do know now, is that both the Soviets, and Americans, along with other countries have engaged in Germ Warfare, against foreign countries and their own people. If a country has the will to experiment on its own people, we might as well ask ourselves, what’s stopping them from doing the same or worse to their competitors? From all of this, we can see how Governments have engaged in what they now call Fake News, aka Propaganda, to promote and influence the opinions and perspectives of the consumer.

Both methods: Propaganda and Germ Warfare as well as chemical warfare, have served as invisible weapons to manipulate biology through sickness and manipulate perception through fear. These techniques, fascinating to the soviets and the American Government have also been intensively recognized by the CIA during their spy programs on Soviet mind manipulation research.

The Creation of Spies

netflix wormwood 1024x683
Netflix Documentary on Behavioral Modification: Wormwood

Throughout the 1920s up to at least the late 1980s, a series of programs (such as project bluebird, Often, artichoke …etc) were conducted for the purpose of experimental research, in the fields of psychology, neurology, and biology. It is important to notice that these experiments did occur and that the knowledge along with the level of expertise therein can have either increased or not. Some of the following techniques could have been found to be useless or of better use in today’s age. With the fast still developing revolutionary technology, it is also easy to assume that our current time most likely does not depend on espionage through individuals, as much as it did in the past century. However, that depends on what format the wishing information lies in, data, a person/government, or on paper.

According to the CIA, techniques such as Biochemicals, sound, light, odor, sensory deprivation, deprivation of sleep, electronic and magnetic fields, hypnosis, autosuggestion, paranormal phenomena (Parapsychology) – Psychokinesis, extrasensory perception (ESP), Astral projection, dream state, clairvoyance, and precognition have experimented on citizens and soldiers for the purpose of espionage mind manipulation research. (17)

CIA files state that: The purpose of mind-altering techniques is to create one or more of several different possible states, in the conscious and unconscious are of the brain. The total submission of one’s will to an outside force.

Some of these methods of mind manipulation caused the following: Moral lowering, confusion, anxiety, loss of confidence, loss of self-reliance, fatigue, persuasion, disruption of social cohesion, or complete incapacitation. (along with various physical responses such as vomiting, migraines, and nausea) (18)

Subliminal Perception

Since the discovery of the different methods of espionage, some of them have landed in the marketing industry and remained there up until today. In 1958 an advertising company, Projection Company, Inc, was accused of using Subliminal perception on the common public. Where they incorporated a tachistoscope, (a film projector with a high shutter speed that flashes messages every five seconds at 1/3000th of a second), that projected the messages, “Hungry? Eat popcorn”, “Drink Coca-Cola”. While our consciousness isn’t able to capture these messages, our subconscious does. The way this works is that once your body does let you know that you feel hungry or that you feel thirsty, our subconscious could remind our consciousness to drink coca-cola or eat popcorn. Inclining that there exists a form of behavior manipulation within this method.

While Subliminal Perception does work, it doesn’t trigger the same effects in each individual. While a group of people might be stimulated with the given subliminal perception, another group of people might not be stimulated. This has to do with the fact that each individual has a unique structure both in biology and psychology. (19)

According to a document declassified by the CIA: Offensive behavior conducted by the USSR (700 pages long), while some US broadcasters and companies have tried to introduce this method to influence the people watching it, they were also very fearful of the reaction of the public. What if the people noticed what was being done, and started a national war against their government?

0 86bt4t45
Coca-Cola advertisement: Coca-Cola’s Taste the Feeling campaign

Hypnopedia according to CIA documents

The learning of subliminal perception and subconscious learning with hypnosis were born from the basic research in hypnopedia training. This is where the term “Subliminal messages” is derived from.


  • The ability to simultaneously process several parallel streams of information. This fact is important because this collected information that is unacknowledged by the individual, can become a form of stimulus/trigger to upcoming behavioral decisions.
  • The subconscious operation of memory is more sensitive to our emotional reactions. Meaning that they can easily influence our emotional state.

These symptoms were said to be able to be measured with the brain’s biocurrents through a tracking device known as, “Electroencephalogram”.

The benefit here is that, this technique does not rely on being used only when the individual is in a sleep state, but that it can also trigger the individual when he or she are in an alertness state.

In soviet literature, it is said that implanting a frame behind a movie frame, it seemed to successfully trigger the subconscious mind of the viewer. (Similar work has been done by the US in the 50s) (20)

Hypnosis: The key to a “Super”-Spy

The following techniques have been experimented with in projects known as; Artichoke, Bluebird, Mhchaos, Mk Ultra, Often, and many more)

Characteristics: lower sensitivity, wax-like flexibility of muscles and joints, suppressed movements.

Levels of hypnosis according to the findings by the CIA:

  1. Level: The answers in this stage differ little, as without hypnosis.
  2. Level: At this stage, we can start to notice unconditioned vascular responses.
  3. Level: Deep hypnosis, aka Somnambulism state. No vascular responses equals to suppression.

According to the file, the greater the emotional content between the patient and the hypnotist the greater its results. One in five adults can be hypnotized into the state of Somnambulism. Where once the patient is awakened, he or she will not recall anything that has happened.

The confronting question both soviets and the US Intelligence had, was if hypnosis could be used against the individuals’ free will, but of course, that would be a no. However, there are disguised techniques, like subliminal perception, into how to fool someone to likely submitting to hypnosis. (21)

Spying Hypnotic Human

1*yFq jFMvDJ5UR0l56IEnVQ
Movie Split: Multiple Personality Disorder

While Hypnosis can cure many personality disorders, it can also create multiple personalities. According to the research, one could deliberately set up a condition of multiple personalities to further the ends of military intelligence and the development of the Super-Spy.

In his normal state, which is called Personality A or PA, this individual would become, for example, a rabid communist. He would join the communist party and follow in good faith as a communist during his PA. Later he would develop Personality B, PB, the unconscious personality. PB being American and anti-communist. PB would have all the information possessed and achieved from PA, whereas PA wouldn’t recall the existence of PB. (21)

CIA’s example:

Let us imagine Cubans living in America. To conduct this experiment one would have to gather up let’s say, 200 Cubans who currently live in America. To develop PB, the hypnotist would have to bring the Cubans through different hypnotic states and programs, to be loyal and lovers of America. While in their awakened state, one would do the otherwise, show and treat them unjustly until they would hate America. Through fear and pain.

The hypnotist would also make sure that the victim would have to keep the hypnotist informed of the party they belonged to in the awakened state. This of course is obtained through their trance state.

While many Intelligence Agencies dream of only possessing soldiers/spies like these, George Estabrooks, (Canadian-American psychologist and an authority on hypnosis during World War II), claimed that it would be very difficult to build such a thing, but that it is not impossible. If this is achieved, all trouble caused would vanish, the potential of betrayal, opposition, double agents, and the leak of documents would decrease incredibly. (21)

Assassin Hypnotic Human

The possibility of creating assassins through hypnotic techniques is possible. The subject as mentioned above does not have to be willing to be hypnotized. Once he or she enters the hypnotic state (Somnambulism), one only has to start programming the plan for the assassination. Reinforcement to remind the subject of what he/she is supposed to do is done through, imagery, colors, sonic noise, electromagnetic waves, sound, odors…etc. Such weapons would have no trace back to the Intelligence Agency since the individual wouldn’t recall what happened or who he/she “worked” for.

The ability to put someone asleep and to wake them up from a few yards away to a thousand miles telepathically became a science mastered and perfected by the Soviets, according to Ostrander and Schroeder ( authors of Psi and Hypnosis books).

As mentioned in the Offensive Behavior-USSR document, the ability to control people telepathically is something the soviets have been studying since 1920, even though it was first disclosed in the 1960s.

The exploration began by K.O. Kotkov, a psychologist from Kharkiv University, in 1924. As time went on, they noticed that by waking up an individual who was in a hypnosis state telepathically, the individual would start to regain its alertness state after every 30 seconds. With that discovery, they managed to learn how to put someone back into the sleep state.

Dr. Stefan Manczarski of Poland believed that this science could be the future of spreading propaganda. He believed, therefore, that just like electromagnetic waves, telepathy could be amplified.

In espionage, if individuals, let’s say a US soldier, could be manipulated with some telepathic force that would put him into a trance state and force him to steal documents for the enemy, and without any knowledge of what had happened, was a huge threat during the Cold war. (22)

Most of the stated techniques mentioned in this post have been experimented either on Soldiers or unwitting citizens that weren’t told the whole picture about what the experiments were meant for. If propaganda through mind control is correctly used, the individual will be convinced that what he is doing is for the common good of humanity or for the will of some outside higher force (God). Even though the real motive was for the purpose of manipulation.

There are way more mind-controlling techniques that Intelligence Agencies worldwide have discovered, through the exploitation of human rights. Many of which I will be going through in upcoming posts. No matter how good one thinks he or she is, the incorporation of abusing innocent people makes that person lose all its claimed intentions such as the purpose of “peace or national security”.


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