CIA/Mafia disputes in Haiti


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    Bruna C. Pereira

    In the Haitian capital of Port Au Prince in 1963, a plush gambling casino catering to the international jet set was being operated by the Bonanno family of Tucson.

    It was all legal thanks to an exclusive license given to the Bonannos by black dictator Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier.

    Then according to the April issue of True magazine, president JFK decided that Duvalier’s repressive regime must be toppled. The late president entrusted the job of deposing Papa Doc to the CIA despite the Cia’s failure to overthrow Castro in the bay of pigs.

    The Bonanno family played a big role in keeping Duvalier in power and that his assistance has earned them the apathy of the CIA.

    The struggle between the Mafia and the CIA for Haiti:

    Duvalier allowed Joseph, “Joe Bananas”, Bonanno to hide out in his port au prince palace while he was mysteriously missing.

    Shortly after the casino was operating, Bonanno suddenly went missing and reportedly was kidnapped. Many suspected he had been murdered and his body hidden in a secret mafia graveyard. There was also the theory that the whole thing was fake especially when he reappeared.

    Bill Bonanno, who is supposedly living in san Jose California, said his family had been gambling concessions in Cuba before Castro took over and more recently in the Dominican Republic which shares the same island with Haiti.

    The Haiti gambling casino was managed on behalf of the Bonanno family by a friend, Vito de Filippo under the casino permit granted by Duvalier.

    During the following years, the US govt put increasing pressure on Haiti including clandestine attacks by CIA agents the true magazine article stated.

    In 1968 the CIA sponsored a bombing attack on the national palace using an American piloted bomber. Haitian militia frustrated several ground attacks exterminating one CIA-trained force to the last man according to the magazine.

    Duvalier eventually ran to the mafia for guns, and it was during the delivery of American guns that they clashed with the CIA


    Click to access CIA-RDP88-01315R000300510164-5.pdf

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